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  • In-line design allows closing and sealing without carton turning, reducing potential for malfunctions and costly downtime
  • Speeds of up to 90 cartons per minute

The TSC-090 seals and closes top-loaded tri-seal paperboard cartons and is ideally suited for applications in the food, bakery, pharmaceutical, and frozen item markets.  It features an innovative in-line closing process that closes the top lid and major and minor flaps after gluing, while maintaining the carton in a single forward motion. Many conventional tri-seal carton closers mechanically turn the carton during the closing process, creating the potential for errors and misalignment. By eliminating the turning process, the TSC-090 reduces the threat of malfunction and associated downtime.

The TSC-090 closer is capable of speeds of up to 90 cartons per minute and handles a broad range of carton sizes. Continuous positive carton control throughout the closing process ensures accurate closing to minimize downtime. The machine features integrated feeding belts for smooth operation. Servo controlled machine adjustments guarantee repeatability and accuracy and an open frame construction assures easy cleaning and maintenance.

Changeover between size parts is achieved in 15 minutes and standard changes require no tools. The closer is typically integrated with top loading equipment, such as Delta robotics, and a carton forming system, also available from Bosch.

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