The hygienic equation


Be prepared for the challenge

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Simplicity + Versatility + Cleanability = Success

That’s the SVC promise.

Below we’ve made a simple check list so that you can ensure your packaging solutions are prepared for the challenges of the packaging industry both for today and tomorrow. If your equation doesn’t add up, then speak to our experts and let us solve your problem.

Does your operation have ...
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Increase uptime and speed/time to market
  • Open ergonomic design
    • Clutter-free workspaces and an open frame design for easy operation and maintenance?
  • Easy set up
    • Quick to set up and train operators?
    • Clear data read-outs and machine efficiency information for enhanced OEE?
  • Tool-less changeovers
    • Eliminated human error and minimized downtime? Fast film changeovers?

Customized solutions to fit your exact requirements
  • Multiple bagging styles on one machine:
    • Pillow, gusseted, block bottom and the new corner seal option – maximum flexibility and enhanced shelf appeal?
  • Wide range of bag widths
    • Up to 400 millimeters?
  • Multiple bag sealing technologies
    • Heat-, PE- and ultrasonic sealing?

Meeting tomorrow’s hygiene requirements today
  • Hygienic format sets to enable high product protection from the beginning of the packaging process?
  • Minimal parts in the working area, due to a separate mechanical housing room – greatly reducing contamination risk?
  • Reduced contamination risk with HMI and operator buttons designed for high-pressure cleaning?
  • Tilted and rounded work surfaces minimize flat spaces, reducing product build up?
  • Dry wipedown (IP55)
  • Low-pressure (IP55) water and mild cleaning agents
  • High-pressure (IP66) water and harsh cleaning agents
Is your packaging equipment missing part of the hygiene equation? Safeguard your operation for the future with a custom solution from Bosch. Begin your journey today.